1960 Cadillac Authenticity

1960 Cadillac Authenticity



390 V8 4 Barrel Carburetor – standard engine in all cars except the Eldorado model with 325 HP.

390 V8 3 x 2 Barrel Carburetor – standard in the Eldorado models with 345 HP.


The 1960 Cadillac had the same choices as in 1959. Cadillac had two sizes offered. The Series 62, DeVille and the Fleetwood 60 lines were fitted with 8.00 x 15 bias tires. While the Eldorado and the Series 75 models came standard with 8.20 x 15 bias tires.  The 8.00 x15 bias tire could have been upgraded on the cars where this size was standard for $65.00 to the 8.20 x 15 size. The manufacturers of the tires were US Royal, Goodrich, and Firestone. The correct whitewall width is between 2 1/4″ to 2 3/4″. Although whitewalls were a $57.00 option.

The white sidewall option was code W and included in other group option packages such as Group A and B.

You can see images of some of the choices in tires you could purchase today on the 1959 Cadillac Autenticity page.

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