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Some Background

I own a 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville in Kensington Green Metallic. The car had 40,131 miles upon my purchase and was essentially a one owner car. The car was flipped by a car restorer who purchased the car from the son of the original owner.

The interior and exterior are essentially untouched. Here is a link to my photobucket page.

1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Gallery

The lacquer paint is still vibrant and glossy. There are some minor scraps and scratches below the side molding but one restorer who saw the car was simply amazed. He stated his opinion in one sentence. “Less is more for this car.” In other words. do not touch it.  An amazing survivor. I think he was surprised to see a 1959 Cadillac in such a nice condition for an original car.






The car had some minor issues but about 2 months of full speed sorting has enabled me to attend to most of the issues. Of course the fluids were changed and some new gaskets were installed on the valve covers, oil pan and transmission pan.  But as I dug into the car I noticed many items were never changed. Yes they were original. Now everything is working but the clock, windshield washer pump and two dash board lights. (Clock and one in the dash). Also I have a nagging short in the directional switch which is intermittent and causes the directional indicator in the dash to glow at times, but all lights do work as they should. Then finally my defroster lever will not push all the way to the right.

The issues that were attend to were:

1. Driver’s power window was not going up. Motor replaced.

2. Carburetor needed a tune up. So we cleaned and readjusted it.

3. Fuel pump started leaking, I replaced and did send out the AC-Delco original to be rebuilt.

4. Spark plugs and wires needed to be replaced.

5. Exhaust system needed to be replaced.

6. A set of new tires.

7. New replica battery to replace the ugly aftermarket one in the car.

8. Broken windshield washer bottle. (pump not working but it looks    nice now)

9. Rebuilt starter since starter was not consistently turning over the engine. It was determined the clutch was gone and gear not engaging the flywheel.

10. New replica floor mat set for front and rear. The car came with front mats only but they were slightly worn so I put them in the trunk.

11. General cleaning of the interior. Seats, door panels, dash, headliner, and rug. All items cleaned up to almost new.

12 Treated exterior paint to Meguiar’s #7 and then a polish and wax. Steel wooled the front grill and chrome with fine 0000 steel wool carefully reaching into all crevices on the front and rear grill then polished chrome with Meguiars polish.

13. New trunk light bulb.

14. Two new sets of Cadillac GM key blanks cut.