Cadillac Vendors

1959 and 1960 Cadillac Restoration Parts Vendors

The following vendors are listed for convenience and are in no way an endorsement of their products or services. Some of these vendors sell Cadillac parts reproduced under license from General Motors.

Reproduction Parts

Caddy Daddy

Fusick Automotive

Lectric Limited– very good website for many electrical components from head lights to spark plug wire sets.


Restoration Battery – Do you want the proper look to your battery? Look here!


General Maintenance and Repair Parts

Rock Auto – usually a good place to go to get many maintenance or repair items like filters, belts,  and hoses. You would be surprised how many of these items are still available for these cars.





Coker Tire – Looking for bias tires

Diamondback Tires – Radial look alike tires for you classic Cadillac.


Where tail fins rule!

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